• What is AllTrac?

    AllTrac is our management platform for our ATVTrac product. This is where you can manage your account and devices. You may see ALLTRAC.CO.UK on your card statement. This is a subscription payment from us.

  • Can I transfer my ATVTrac unit to another vehicle?

    Yes, your ATVTrac unit is registered to you personally, so it can be transferred between machines. Please log-in to your portal and select 'disable SOC' before removal and then arrange unit swap. Once installed on your new machine, log-in and update your vehicle details before reenabling 'SOC'. If you experience any issues or need advice please email - hello@atvtrac.ie

  • Will ATVTrac drain my battery?

    ATVTrac has its own internal battery, so it only draws power from your vehicles battery when it needs it. However, ATVTrac also notifies you if your battery voltage drops via text message, so you should never be left with a flat battery.

  • Do I get charged additionally for text messages, phone calls or emails?

    No, everything is included in the subscription, so there's no extra charge. Unlike some other tracking products you'll never be left without credit, so as long as your subscription is valid your vehicle is always protected.

  • Can I see my vehicle in real-time?

    Yes, ATVTrac returns location data even when your machine is turned off and parked up. Want reassurance it's where you left it still? No problems, just log-in to your account and check.

  • Can I fit my own ATVTrac unit?

    While ATVTrac is relatively easy to install, we strongly advise that it is installed by one of our authorised dealers. For insurance purposes a qualified installer should be used to make sure that your unit is correctly fitted in a covert location

  • What happens if my vehicle is stolen?

    Your unit will notify you via text message and email of the movement, while at the same time our Secure Operating Centre (SOC) will make contact with you immediately via phone call to confirm that the vehicle is missing. If theft is confirmed, our team will liaise with the local police to pinpoint its exact location and direct police officers / the recovery team to the location.